Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twenty Questions: Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

First of all, I'm the featured artist today at Indie Ink!

I've also been published in New Art Review's latest book, Seek Truth - available here.

=*=*= And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. =*=*=

Please allow me to introduce you to my dear friend Dave Barnes. Dave is a nut, a totally off the wall, whacked out sense of humor nut - which is one of the reasons I adore him. He's got a huge mushy heart that he wears on his sleeve, and clearly cares deeply for everyone he knows. Dave's such a loser - about half his body weight now, a struggle I'm familiar with, and I really admire his tenacity in "getting it done."

When I asked for questions, Dave (in typical Dave fashion), spewed out the following:

why does a fast go so slow?..seriously?...why do i help my friends do things [ clean their rooms or fix a car..but my room is a total mess and i barely keep oil in my car]...why does my good friend barb have to live so far away? there's a few for ya... or do you want questions like whats your favorite color? too easy ...lets figure out the universe ...or try ...what's the best penis enlargement cream?

Let's see what I can do to help Dave out of his perplexed and vexed state. Here are my answers:

~ A fast goes so slowly because you're depriving yourself of something you want, namely food. Almost any time we delay pleasure, it is agonizing. Try immersing yourself in some other activity - like fluffing orphaned wombats - to help pass the time and take your mind off of it.

~ I'm also guilty of helping my friends do things that I don't bother to accomplish at home. For some reason it's just more fun when you know it's going to make someone else feel good. Plus, I'm a procrastinator (and I know you are too, Dave) when it comes to getting my own crap taken care of. So, if I'm helping someone else, it makes for a great procrastination excuse. For example, "I didn't get the laundry done today. I was helping my friend Marge take down last year's Easter ornaments."

~ I don't live so far away. I live right here. Where I belong. Why haven't you come to visit yet? (Spoken in true Jewish mother style.) You just leave me sitting here... alone... in the dark... *heavy sigh*

~ My favorite color is blue. More specifically indigo. It's the color I see most often in my dreams and visions (see painting below, which was the result of a vision I had). It's really a pretty cool color to see all the time, not just because of the richness of it, but because in spiritual terms, indigo is used to symbolically represent the sixth chakra (called Ajna), which is said to include the third eye (which I wrote about here). This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge). I must have something going for me if that's the color I see most often. Right? Right.

~ There is no figuring out the Universe. The Universe just is. It's easier (sort of) to figure out ourselves as travelers in the Universe, and how we're going to measure our steps along the path.

~ The only time any kind of cream will work to enlarge a penis is if you stroke the thing just right and dream of scantily clad women (or whatever... I really do not need to know).

Bet you didn't think I'd do it, huh, Dave? You know me better than that.


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