Monday, December 20, 2010

It's All About the Joy

Let's talk about joy.

The other day I asked someone, "Where's your joy?!" She replied, "I'll have some joy as soon as I'm done shopping and wrapping." She really should have known better than to say such a thing to me.

Joy isn't a reward we receive for getting something right. It isn't a trophy that's won for finishing first or looking best. Joy just is and it comes from within. Joy is either present or it is not.

Joy is an attitude, and it's an attitude that we can choose to embrace or choose to ignore. Those who embrace it find that it spills out and effects everyone around them. You've seen those people, the ones who look like they're truly engaged in life, eyes lit up and aware, kindness at their fingertips, always ready with a smile.

Joy is infectious. It is, unless you're one of those dipped-in-dye, card-carrying crabby-ass people. I'm not talking to those people though. I'm talking to those of you who know better, who know how, who ought to, but who choose otherwise. For shame. You're making the Crabby Asses of the world look as though they've hit on something.

Being joyful may not be quite as easy as flipping a light switch, but it's close. Because, here's my theory (which I've tested and proved on yours truly). When we choose to be joyful, we are walking in affirmation. It doesn't mean that everything is copacetic. We'd be fools to think we can only be joyful when life is perfect. The truly joyful person is so regardless of what's happening in his or her life.

Here's an exercise for you (read: this is what works for Barb and most people like Barb's attitude, so maybe there's something to it). Go look in the mirror. Really, as soon as you're done reading this, go give it a try. Look in the mirror and say aloud, "I am joyful." Say it aloud a few times. Yes, I know it sounds silly, and I promise it will feel silly, but only at first. However, the premise behind saying it aloud is that when we hear something often enough, we begin to believe it (ask any ad executive). Now practice exuding that joy, whether you feel it or not. Give someone a genuine smile. Ahhhh, uhhuh! You see?! In their reception of your projection is the real joy. Watching it reflect on others is the true joy. Seeing the difference it makes to others is what will ignite your inner fire.

That, friends n' neighbors, is joy. That is what being joyful is all about, and it's that easy.

Now, go find a mirror and begin.

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  1. Barb, I simply love reading your blog! Thank you for reminding us all of the joy that is there if we choose it. And, I love your art. :)


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