Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bird Brain

She said, "I made fat balls."

I knew immediately what she was referring to. She was talking about mixing bird feed with suet and mooshing it into a ball around a piece of twine. The ball is then hung outside for the birds to feed on.

But I thought, "That's what my mind feels like today. A fat ball. It's a big smooshy glob of random thoughts. Picking them apart is like a bird pecking at the individual seeds on the fat ball. It's a one at a time process, but picking at one almost requires that I pick at another, and another, and... another."

Just like bird feed, all of my little random seeds of thought are different flavors, sizes and textures.

I've decided to share my fat ball, or at least part of it. Sometimes writing is the only way I can see things clearly, see things for what they are. Besides, I know you all hang on my every word. Oh, quit rolling your eyes.

  • Here's an odd little nugget... I miss wrapping presents this year. My very first "real" job (a million years ago when I graduated from babysitting) was as a gift wrapper in a department store. I loved it. I love wrapping presents. I love taking a plain box, folding paper around it, and tying a ribbon around the whole thing. I love the anticipation of handing someone such a box and knowing their first reaction will be, "Oh, how pretty!" I didn't do gifts for anyone this year - my family is far away, and Steve and I don't exchange presents. So, I've been missing wrapping presents. Odd, I know, but true.

  • "I gotta find Bubba!!!" Forrest Gump knew what was important and he didn't let anything stop him.

  • I need to figure out what my definition of relaxing is. I've been ordered to relax. So far this week that has included baking eight dozen cookies, four loads of laundry, cooking dinner, loading and emptying the dishwasher a few times, and a plan to clean bathrooms, dust and vacuum. I'm not sure I completely understand the concept.

  • I need to include more exercise in my life. More? Who am I fooling?! I need to include exercise in my life. Period.

  • I miss my family. A lot. A lot more than they probably know or understand.

  • I need to paint something. A bunch of somethings. I really need to paint. Painting is relaxing. But I need to clean my studio first, and that is not relaxing.

  • I hate it when people, especially people I don't even know, presume to know what I'm thinking. Hell, half the time (as evidenced by this post) I don't even really know what I'm thinking!

  • All I want for Christmas is snow (which I won't get unless we drive up into the mountains) and snuggling (a sure thing). And I think I'll make Mom's breakfast casserole.
That'll do for now. Enough randomness to set the day spinning. Enough fat ball to keep my little brain sparrows noshing and happy.


  1. hi there! :) happy happy! just as you've found your way to the canvas and all this fun art & writing & creative fun stuff, you will also find your way to the balance of taking time to revitalize yourself. it's a fun journey learning along the way! you're such a creative hero to me! :) take good care!

  2. I bought Wii Fit 'cause I thought, "This'll eliminate all my exercise excuses (weather, time, can't afford a gym membership). Yeah. Right.


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