Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sea Change

As with so many of my posts, I had other plans. I've been chewing on several ideas, but none of them feel quite right for the moment. Not to worry, they'll have their time... it just isn't now.

I am hurting for so many friends of mine, each going through differing stages that comprise what I refer to as Sea Life - flat calm seas that take you nowhere, rogue waves that knock you ass over tea kettle, constant chop that leaves you feeling shaken, wild storms that take the North right out of the compass. Point is, there's no smooth sailing for them, and there's little I can do but wish them buoyancy.

My friends, my friends... I wish I could show you the You that I see - the heartbreakingly beautiful amalgamation of all that your life has been and is. Please don't be ashamed of the self-portrait that you present, neither be afraid to show the world your dark, ugly moments. This is the thing called Life. Every life has a story and every story deserves to be told. How else are we to learn?

My mood today... I am feeling like the Mother of All. I want to enfold the world, and those in it, in my arms and keep it and everyone safe. I want the impossible. I want my love to make a difference. This is my beautiful burden. So, Alex, the question to the answer is, "How am I to?"

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  1. If love were enough, our arms would be enfolding the ocean and its inhabitants right now. Trying to keep them safe from our mistakes that are killing them in their own home.
    I'd extend my arms with you Barb, but its not quite enough.


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