Sunday, May 23, 2010

Extremely Satisfying

Hi Folks!

After passing the 500th post marker yesterday, I've decided to do a total revamp on my blog. When I originally picked the black background, I had no idea that I'd be writing as much as I have, nor posting as often as I do. The black background can be a little hard on the eyes (according to some). I've also been perusing other blogs and have noticed that the "spiffier" and more frequently visited ones often have a lighter background with dark lettering. So, I'm changing mine.

I know it'll take some getting used to for all of us. I also know I can't please all the people all of the time, but I think this will be a change for the good.

As always, all feedback is welcome, but give it a few hours... I'm still ironing out the kinks.

I'm also in the process of changing all of my old posts over to a readable color. So, please be patient with that as well.



  1. Vats vit' da ironink out KINKS...? Its da kinks dat we luff da best!

  2. Grandma Schmutzer... is that you?! You sound just like her!

    I should have known some (most?) of my readers would prefer kinky!


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