Friday, May 28, 2010

My Heroes

My heroes
are people who
and fearlessly
stand in their own shoes.

My heroes
are people who
face the mirror
and like
what they see,
all the while

My heroes
are people who
love is enough
and unconditionally
surrender it,
and to it.

My heroes
are people who
the universe
by changing
my world with
their glowing footprints.


This weekend, while you're splashing in the pool or lake, cruising around in the boat, barbequing in the back yard, downing iced tea or beer, playing cards or frisbee or baseball... take a minute. Thank a hero. If they're long gone, don't be ashamed to raise a toast. If they're still alive, thank them personally.

To all who have served family, friend, community and country... to all who've made a difference that changed even one life for the better... Thank You!

Happy Memorial Weekend!

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