Friday, May 14, 2010

How Exciting!

There’s a word that doesn’t get used much any more, at least not in its truest form. The word is excite. Sure, you hear people say, “I’m excited!” But, it’s more of an anticipatory phrase than anything else. My word program’s onboard thesaurus lists the synonyms of excite as: stimulate, enthuse, motivate, enliven, and electrify.

Yesterday as I worked on a new project, using a new technique, I suddenly had offshoots of ideas for 10 other projects in my head. I thought, “Boy howdy… I’ve excited a riot in my brain! WooHOO!” That in turn got me thinking about the word excite, about what it means to me to be excited, and of course, about what excites me.

People often think of excitement in terms of something vociferous and blatant. For me true excitement comes in the quietest times. It comes in moments of introspection and reflection. It comes while watching birds swoop and glide against a clouded sky, or in noticing the asymmetry of cedars against the blue, or remarking the sound of water stumbling and kissing rocks as it makes its way down river. It comes on like a moon flower, inconspicuous and overlooked, until it unexpectedly bursts into bloom with a high-spirited, “Here I am!” Then, suddenly, excitement permeates me as my mind speeds along in overdrive, and I find myself stimulated, enthused, motivated, enlivened and electrified.

What excites you - truly excites you? Innuendo aside for a moment, please, what makes the very core of you vibrate in anticipation of what’s to come? What sends you flying down the alleyways of your imagination? Because, let me tell you friends and neighbors, excitement is the fuel cell of imagination.

For my more lascivious readers, and since we’re on the subject, when you excite your imagination, it spills over onto everything, yes, everything else. Sex is 80% cerebral and 20% physical. It stands to reason that if you find what triggers the g-spot in your mind, you’ll be exploring whole new galaxies. Trust me on that. I've yet to be able to paint without first seeing the vision during an orgasm.

Coming soon: An Interview With Passion & Desire: A Non-sexual Experience

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  1. This post is rather poetic for sure. When I read it I relate to the thrill of a new project.


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