Thursday, March 26, 2009

That's Where We're Going

We're gonna run crazy
Like the dogs in the yard
We're gonna fly tonight
We're gonna sleep all morning
We're going out of our minds tonight
That's where we're going
That's where we're going

~Paul McCrane, Dogs In The Yard

I've been busy today! Lots of designing and creating to do, since I have about 4 different projects that need to be done... not to mention the plethora of cards I need to work on for my own personal use. I don't mind a bit. The sun came out this morning, bright n' early. I got some chores done (laundry, sweeping, wood hauling, etc.). I spent an hour or so outside cleaning up some of the more recent slushy mess and watching the boys frolic in what's left of the snow. I tell ya, between the seemingly constant snow and resulting melt, mud, rain, and river silt, I've determined that I might as well give up trying for clean floors... just ain't gonna happen. Do I care? Nope. I don't eat off of the floor anyway. The dogs do, but they don't seem to mind. I can handle the social stigma too, since I've never been widely known for my housekeeping skills and hardly anyone ever sees the place anyway, and if they do, well... I'm presuming they've come to see how me n' mine are doing and not to inspect the status of my far less than sterile domicile.

Anyway. I found it only slightly ironic and amusing that during the entire time I spent on the above card, my canine buddies were out in the yard growling, wrestling, and howling up a storm. They see the snow that slides off the roof as a huge threat that must be barked into submission. At one point I looked out the window to see what the ruckus was all about, only to find them arguing over an ice chunk (as if there is only one!). They get pissed off at each other and then 10 seconds later can be found licking each other's... well... never mind.

But I thought... wouldn't it be wonderful if we could give ourselves over to our animal sides so openly and unabashedly? I often find it so sad that we've evolved (devolved) so far away from our more feral instincts and proclivities. Imagine if we ignored the clock and ate, slept, prowled, played, hunted, bathed, made love... whenever the mood struck. What if we didn't worry so much about what the world would think if we were caught with mud on our feet and hands; if our breath didn't smell perfectly minty; if we let go with a primal howl when something bothered us; if we could go alpha on someone who annoys us without having to apologize (instead of saying, "Sorry, guess I'm just in a mood...", say, "Hey, it's my nature... deal with it...") and still be friends moments later. What if we could show unconditional love and affection to anyone we didn't feel threatened by? What if we could run crazy like the dogs in the yard - live without the constant social niceties and boundaries? What if we could just let it all go for a fucking minute?

Freedom. That's what. Unhindered freedom.

Some of you are thinking, "Poor dear, she's been living her godless life in the woods too long." Don't even try to deny it. But just because I have these thoughts doesn't mean I follow them. Maybe I just haven't been in the woods long enough or deep enough. 'Cause I really do wanna run crazy...

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