Saturday, March 21, 2009


Shortly after dusk last night the sky cleared. As the sky darkened myriad stars came out. I tried to sleep, but the raging bellow of the river called me. So, I grabbed the flashlight and the pup and picked my way carefully down to the river bank. It was magical. To stand in the dark next to the fierce rush of water and look up at the massive pines silhouetted against the blanket of stars covering the deep purple velvet of the sky, was such a powerful, deeply stirring moment. I felt at once, restless and renewed... and utterly reverent.

This morning I woke to brilliant sunshine. It's as if Mother Nature has finally acquiesced and curtsied in obeisance to the coming of Spring. I can practically hear the Earth yawn as she loosens her grip on the still sleepy, but impatient child. Up, up, up! Time to get up! Let's go, let's go! Walk with me...

Walk With Me

once there was snow here
now wildflowers
jump up to meet me
blue eyes mirror the sky
and we greet with a smile
it is warm, healing
this laughter
in the Spring's embrace
you grin too
there are wildflowers
begging our attention
walk with me

~Barbara A. Black © 2009~

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