Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain It On Me

I'm tellin' ya... this unemployment thing is scary. Something's gotta give in this world, and boy howdy, soon. Anyone want to buy some cards from me? Hawaiian shirts? Pleeeeeze! My children need kibble. Serious. Oh, and I'm almost out of bean too... y'all don't want the world to know what that's like, do you?!

The warm temps and heavy rain are finally starting to melt the snow up here in the woods. I can actually see some ground on my property. Another day of this and I'll be able to open the back gate and maneuver the steps down to the swollen river. I can't wait. One of the great things about all the extra time I have is that it affords me opportunity for really longs walks with Nino. There's that glorious sense of awakening that presents itself with the coming of Spring... the sent of snowmelt in the air and the yawns of growing things... heavenly. I keep an eye out every day now to see if my tulips are going to come up or not. Here's hopin'!

In other news... I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I've got the best neighbors in the world up here. I wasn't looking for good neighbors when I moved out here to the woods, I didn't even consider what my neighbors would be like (presuming that everyone would keep to themselves like they do in suburbia). The fact that I've found friends, kindred spirits and totally generous souls is such a boon that I get all warm and glowy thinking about it. Whodathunkit? I realized yesterday that it was a solid thing when I dialed their number, Reg picked up and without preamble said, "The fuck do you want?!" I roared with laughter and said, "Now that's a sign of real friendship in my book."

When I got arrested, I had Nino with me in the truck. My greatest concern was what would happen to him. The only phone number I had with me was my neighbor's, scribbled on a post-it note, and fortuitously left in my purse from when I went to Florida (Vicky fed Midnight while I was gone). I handed the officer (who was kinder than most) my keys and begged him to please call them and ask them to pick up my truck and my dog (the alternative was that he'd impound my truck and put the dog in the pound - certain death). They did and took care of Nino (and Midnight) for the duration. Not knowing them all that well, I was a little shy about walking over there when I got out, but I was met without judgment or expectation. Reg, a dairy delivery guy, keeps me in milk, cottage cheese and ice cream (white is my favorite food group!). One time as he loaded up a crate full of stuff, I made the flip comment, "Gee, if only you sold toilet paper too, I'd be all set." I no sooner got home and the phone rang. It was Vicky saying, "Were you serious? Do you need TP... because we have a bunch and I can bring some over." I assured her I was okay in that department. But, folks just don't get any finer.


  1. You are a good soul. I really enjoy your ramblings. This card is awesome.

  2. Sending you some good vibes from over here, dang welcome back barb, dial-up scary I don't think I could go back to that speed ever again..
    Yes I am a spoiled child :P
    Glad the snow is melting too..


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