Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Bananas!

Max: ... Gretl, why don't you sing?
Gretl: I can't, I've got a sore finger.
Maria: ... what happened to your finger?
Gretl: It got caught.
Maria: Caught in what?
Gretl: Friedrich's teeth.
~The Sound of Music

I damn near cut off the tip of my left thumb this morning. As it is, I don't have health insurance any more, so I numbed it good with ice and gave myself a couple of stitches. Am I a gypsy or what?!

Now I am just fine and dandy and taking a break from the kitchen... again. Yesterday my neighbor gave me half a case of overly ripe bananas that he picked up on his dairy run. So, I've been baking up a storm! Just pulled three loaves of banana nut bread out of the oven. Then I mixed up batter for Drunken Monkey cake (I named it that, it's my own invention), using bananas (of course!), and whisky soaked raisins and walnuts, and some basic cake components. Smells divine in here! I'll top the cake off with whisky cream frosting. Anyone in the neighborhood, please stop by... there's plenty to eat! I'll put on some fresh dark bean - sorry, but I drank the remaining shot of whisky... medicinal purposes, don't ya know?!

It's a good day to do all this as we seem to have finally segued from snow to rain. It's been pouring since I woke up and the snow line is quickly receding. Now, if you'll 'scuse me, I have to take a loaf of fresh banana bread over to the fine folks who are my neighbors.

Kurt: I haven't had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine's toothbrush.
~The Sound of Music


  1. I'm still awed by the fact that you stiched your own finger! That's got to be the epitome of self-reliance. But, I'm posting this comment because that bread smells SO delicious! Also, I love the photo of the rocks on the deck rail.

  2. You are too funny, Hilary! Wish I could share some of the bread with you guys... I have way too much!

    And thank you for the compliment on the river rock photo... coming from someone with your eye, that's high praise!

  3. Want wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-f-f-f-fles!!!

    Damn, but the Drunken Monkey sounds FABULOUS-- despite my cooking aversions, that's one recipe I would love to have & would totally bestow on my next door neighbors (they're salt of the earth, Darby & Joan types-- I still owe them for jars of homemade pickles & bushels of gorgeous tomatoes from last summer).

    Bring on da monkey, sayeth Oooh-- ook ook!

  4. Your wish is my command, Dearheart (and you know I was thinking of you when I came up with the name for the thing!). I posted the recipe on facebook.


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