Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lunar Landing

There is nothing quite so uniquely beautiful as a full moon on snow covered trees. Cold as it was, I was outside for hours last night. I just couldn't take my eyes off of it... like trying to tear myself away from Van Gogh paintings. The entire scape was varying shades of blue and silver. What unspeakable glory... the scent of fresh snow on the pines, the squinching sound as my feet mashed it down, and the inimitable vastness of the stars.

It made me wonder at the idea that, in this vast universe, we manage to find just the right people at just the right point in time on our paths. The souls we need to connect with show up as if unbidden. And yet, my wack gypsy theory tells me that our souls reach toward other souls without our even knowing it. We hear each other's crying, laughter, whispers, dreams... at a level we're not even aware of. We answer each other's call, not knowing that it's what we're doing.

This is partly my own pensive rambling, but it also stems from a long conversation I had with a friend last night (while I was outside staring at the picture perfect corner of my world). We landed on the topic of people who come and go in our lives at just the right time, and the reasons some flit and alight only momentarily and others stay and make a home in our hearts. Either way the effect is indelible.

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