Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Great Manner O' Things Wi' Be Well...

It is another glorious day here in the snowy woods! The sun is shining and the snow is practically glowing. I managed to break a pipe in the well pumphouse, so I had to melt snow to make coffee this morning. I'll rough it, but I ain't goin' without my bean! Scott has gone into town to get parts to fix the thing, so all should be well (pun intended) soon. In the mean time, gee... I get out of doing laundry and the dishes!

By the way, friends finally cajoled me into putting up a Facebook page, so if you're on, feel free to add me as a friend.


  1. I'll be adding you to my Facebook posse shortly!

  2. Facebook,
    That is the one thing I just don't get at all, I don't really see the need, maybe it's because I have no friends as such, or maybe I'd be required to give just too much info about myself.
    I do hope you get well fix :)


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