Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Up(grade) Yours!

It was very timely that my nephew sent me the above pic of my great niece and great nephew this morning. I'm having the kind of week that makes me feel as though my own face is in continual flux between the two different expressions they're wearing. Let's just not even discuss the bad hair issue. The Dingos, in their infinite wisdom, decided to "upgrade" the system over the weekend. "Upgrade" is the new F.U.B.A.R. 'Nuff said.

Other than that, nothin' special today... 'cept I saw a bear again this morning out in them thar woods! Actually, I didn't see much more than the bear's eyes and the dark fuzzy outline to which they were attached. Still, it's cool to know the critters are out there.

I wanna go home.


  1. Yes I've seen many an "upgrade" end up with the system FUBAR'd or I've done it and the thing has went "tits up" if you'll pardon the expression, and of course this is me following the exact notes that come with the upgrade, it's either that or it's not actually worked as the "update" was so large and I'm having to send it over a slow link that it's given up on me :|...
    So Barb can you answer this one yet - do bears shit in the woods?

  2. I love this pic! Too darn adorable...


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