Monday, December 22, 2008

Down From The Mountain

"Whisky! I love whisky! What? I'm a nun... not a saint!"
~Paradise Road

I thought I had snow when I last posted. Silly me... that was nothing. Picture if you will a woman who stands 5'6" (has a 31" inseam), trudging to the woodshed in snow up to her waist. (Heh... I almost typo'd waste... now that's damned funny right there!) Yeah, man. I got snow. I mean... I GOT SNOW!!!! I've been snowed in since last Tuesday. Today is my first day back at the switch, and I barely made it at that.

But, I've been loving it... getting great workouts shoveling and hauling wood, playing with my Snow Dawg, enjoying the peace and quiet, reading, reading, reading. I couldn't have planned a better vacation.

And, because of my hiatus in all the snow, I have a lovely, heartwarming, Christmasy story to tell. Yesterday when the power finally came back on (I've been with and without power on and off since last Sunday - no big deal), I pulled the cookie dough I'd mixed up out of the fridge and rolled it out - it's Grandma's secret cut-out cookie recipe. My plan was to bake them up and take a few dozen to work (which I have) and disperse a few to cookie bereft friends. As I was sprinkling colored sugar on one batch I heard the neighbor's snowblower and I looked out the kitchen window. I thought (I can't help but lean toward the dark side), "Gee Dude, why'nchya be a good neighbor and plow my drive too?!"

I went back to my baking, but the snowblower noise got louder. I looked out the window again and there was my neighbor... yup (she looks down ignominiously)... plowing my driveway! He saw me looking and raised a hand. I raised a hand in return. Looked at Nino (who had been drooling at my flour-dusted side the whole time) and with tears in my eyes, just said, "Geez, Nino... he just... geez...."

I had to wait until the batch was out of the oven, but I quickly packed up a couple dozen, pulled my boots on and was up the road faster'n you can say "Here we go a-wassailing.." He was still forging through the snow on his property, but I gave him a heartier wave and a flourish of the box of cookies. His wife was just coming back from feeding their chickens and I gave her an equally hearty wave and flourish.

As she came nearer she said, "Heya... what's up?"

"Oh, I just wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and give you these and thank your husband for plowing my drive."

"Awww... you didn't need to do that... "

"Blame my Mom for raising me right!" I said with a grin. "Really, it meant a lot to me."

"Well... hey... if you're not doing anything for Christmas, come on over. We're gonna have a crowd of folks here and just hang out and eat all day."

"Wow. Thank you. I don't have any plans, so I just might take you up on that."

"We're having prime rib...." she said with a persuasive raise of the eyebrow.

I flung my arm out behind me and said, "Ouch... ok, ok... "

She smiled and said, "Just come on over whenever you see cars start showing up in the drive."

And so... I have plans for Christmas... with folks I don't even know... but kind folks, spontaneous folks... woodsy folks... up on my mountain... in the snow... it just doesn't get better.




  2. What a wonderful Christmas story, now that's what it's all about...caring and sharing good feelings, and just remember, you are only strangers until you walk through the door, and then strangers no more!
    We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, and an even better 2009!
    You deserve it...
    Love you Kemosabi,

    The DysFUNctional Sherman gang

  3. Great catchin' up witchya last night & all the joys of the season to you and yours.

    Have a huck o' prime rib for me ;-)

  4. Thanks Terri, for the well wishes of "The Clan"!!! Right back at all y'all! Sure wish you were here to play in the snow and share a mug o' homemade kaluha (you'd have to help me make it first... heheee)

    And thanks, Tonto for the wishes of my favorite dysFUNctional gang! Hardly seems like a year ago that I was hanging at your house and fighting for homemade fudge. And, interestingly enough... the gal who invited me to dinner could be your twin! No kiddin'!

    Haute Bisquette... y'know I'd happily share all my hucks and imbibings wid yaz! It was great to hear your voice too, as ever. Give Steve a special pressin' for me (wink) and give Bettyann and Grandma a special hug. If'n ya see or talk to that bro o' your'n, give him a nod for me too.

  5. See Barb, you know your some place real nice when you've only been there 5 minutes and the neighbours are helping ya out..
    Prime Rib sounds mighty tempting, going to my sister again this year well they need mr techy here to set up all the new toys my lovely nephew will get. It's not that they can't set 'em up it's just that well It's faster if I'm there.

    You have a good one, well you nino & midnight, oh and any lucky fella ;)

    Have a drink or 5 for me.
    Sometimes I wish I could get snowed in..


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