Friday, December 12, 2008

Long as She Gets Somewhere


The dingo system is still mostly a trash heap and the joy of dealing with that is getting rather old, so I'm more'n ready for a weekend! I received an email from one of the Oz contingency that began, "Dear Barb, in accordance with this week from hell..." I hear ya, mate.

I've been promised snow this weekend. "It's practically guaranteed..." the reporter said. We're going to get wet clouds along with an arctic sweep down from Alaska. If they're predicting it in the Seattle area, chances are pretty darned good that I'll see some up on the mountain. 'Bout time! I can't think of better balm for my weary soul than hauling logs, stoking the wood fire, and playing in the snow with NinoBean.

When happiness shows up, give it a comfortable seat.
~Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

And now, for your Weekend Attitude Adjustment, one of the most fun songs to come along in a while (not since Jason Mraz hit the scene, I'd say). Just try'n keep yourself from dancing to Eric Hutchinson, Rock and Roll - I never can. I could listen to this one about 10 times straight before giving up and moving on to something else. This kid is brilliant.

'Cause If she want to rock she rocks
If she want to roll she rolls
She can roll with the punches
Long as she feels like she’s in control
If she want to stay she stays
If she want to go she goes
She don’t care how she gets there
Long as she gets somewhere she knows

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