Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Miracle on 58th Street
by Merritt Malloy

He built a trust
smile by smile
. . . Faith is a cellular

It was he who took off the bandages (those old clothes)
to let my body kiss nature
with its mouth open
. . . It gave me back
all my arms and
every one of them
were holding hands
him (it was

This may not make the
papers . . . or break the safe reserve
around your heart . . . But
A great knife has been lifted
out of my childhood and

I am free
to dance in the
living room

Stone by stone
. . . He built a smile
Faith is a cellular
phenomenon . . . And

Trust is an

Damien Rice, The Blower's Daughter

Weep not, and say "he is no more."
Rather live in joy that he ever was.

John Philip Johnson
24 September 1960 - 7 May 2007
"Live and Love"


  1. So quickly we lose the memory of a voice, of words-- this is not one of those times. I can hear John plainly, as if he were in the room with me, calling me "Oooh" (my fav nickname, BTW) & sassing me (NOTE: only people I love get permission to sass me, so that says a lot right there).

    Today IS a "beauty day" & I'm living it right out loud, the best way I know how...

    Grazie, La Voce, tante grazie ~

  2. This day has been an awesome day! He gave us all the love in the world. And he gave YOU all his LOVE from his HEART. My brother I miss, though he smiles from above, I can hear him say 'Carry on sister. Live & Love'

    My family (U) is priceless and the love is unconditional & hugs to you sister of mine, from my home to yours.

  3. A touching post and my apologies for posting a comment so late on it.
    I've been busy (I really should post).
    I have a cover of that song done by the lead singer of Snow Patrol and it's just as good.

  4. Living it out loud, that's my brother J, and because of you all is well... Love you Barab, T


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