Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jewel of Denial

Why don't we treat each other as the shining gems that we are? Why don't we treat ourselves that way? The people in our lives are beyond worth, no matter their ordination. Say you had a 10 carat diamond ring - would you carelessly set it down somewhere and go about your business without a second thought? Would you toss it into a heap of other stuff, only to paw through the pile later, shrug and say, "Oh yeah, well, there's that." No. No, no, and no.

Even if you didn't have an aesthetic appreciation for such things (I sure don't), you'd still treat it with the respect, reverence and care it deserved. You'd find a special place for it. You'd protect it just for the face value of it, if nothing else. And, hey... I'm not preaching here. I'm as guilty as anyone else. I'm just sitting here polishing my mirror out in a public square.

Still, here we are, humans all - each of us trying to eek out an existence, trying to make our own way down our separate paths, trying to find a little light to dispell the darkness. Every day there are people in our lives who make differences - some huge, some subtle, some mostly unnoticed. Even so, we treat each other with disregard and carelessness. We set friendships and relationships aside and wander off as if those will always be there - as if that ring is still going to be sitting at the edge of the gas station restroom sink when and if we decide to return for it.

Here are some words that top my list: respect, courtesy (there's a dying art), decency, compassion, and not the least of which (since it encompasses) - love. We are a precious commodity. Can we just please treat each other that way? Can we have just a little more awareness? John once said, "It's those precious little moments. Just live and love." Amen, Brudda J. I'm all too aware how fleeting those moments are.

"There are no ordinary moments."
~Peaceful Warrior

Without love, there is no art.

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  1. Respect & courtesy... as usual, you've given me a lot to chew on, Barbola ~


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