Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Week Bites the Dust

Why is it that a 4-day work week can seem so much longer than normal? Still, here we are at Friday again.... all together now: Thank all the gods! No great plans for the weekend. Maybe I'll clean the garage. *choke... cough... sputter* Maybe not. I do have other, more fun, projects to which I can lend my brilliance.


  1. My mother frequently chided me to quit playing with the balls-- wonder when the lesson will take?

    Enjoy your domestic endeavors-- I'll think of you as I paint / stain my hallway & living room floor A-GAIN...

  2. Well, HB... if Ma Stewart's catchizing hasn't taken yet... here's hopin' it never will. *knowing grin*

  3. yes 4 day weeks are always weird I keep thinking it's the wrong day and your right that I suppose does make the week seem LONGER....
    *raises a glass - heres to the weekend*


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