Thursday, May 1, 2008

Worm Your Way Out of This One

I find the above disturbing on sooooo many levels that it's difficult to know just where to begin. It's a minor comfort to know that the worms are sanitized, though I'd like to know how that comes about. The claim is also that there is no danger, and that are no ill side effects. Sure, ok. It's just a parasite after all. We all know how innocuous those are - anyone who's ever had a bad case of relativitis visitus for more than 2 days will understand what a pile of horseshit that statement is. The claim is also that they're easy to swallow. Don't know about you, but I can't imagine what might make me gag faster than trying to swallow a live worm (shush, Laura, you salacious thing - that is NOT what we're talking about!). All in all? It's just wrong. Wrong. Wrong Wrong. So wrong.

At one time, before the big surgery a few years ago, doctors actually discussed using maggots on my bad leg - just plunk 'em on there and let 'em eat up the bad stuff. "You won't know they're there. It'll be a very controlled thing." Uh. NO! Oh, hell no! I won't know they're there... not enough morphine in the world for me to forget about something like that. My psyche would have ended up being more scarred than my freaky lookin' leg!

I've heard that leeching is back in style. Demi Moore recently announced on David Letterman's show that she gets it done to revitalize her blood - makes her feel great, fresh, perky. Yeah? Have at it Demi. A fine meal and really great sex does that for me, and is much prefered. Besides, what would you rather tell your friends? Damn, but life is good; I had a killer steak and a good bottle of red last night, followed by some amazing knock-your-socks-off sex (and the friends say, "Dude! I wanna party wid you!") - or - I had a couple of leeches stuck on me for two hours, because I wanted to (and the friends say, "Uh, Dude. I'll talk to you later.").

And, your new word (Thanks, Paul!) is: Noctilucent
It's an adjective derived from Latin: nocti meaning night, and lucent meaning shining
It quite literally means shining at night. The cat's eyes are noctilucent.

Oh! And Happy May Day!!!


  1. Ok......Worms or SEX! Don't have to ask me twice. Worms, maggots, and leeches..OH MY!! Things that may you go....Blahhhhhhhhh!

    Happy May Day to you sister of mine...ILY :)

  2. Is it May! yikes.. loved the new word.. bring'em on! I have "word for the day" on my home google. this is a new word for me..
    sex.. what is that?
    special hugs

  3. Barb, as I read this and the brackets I laughed, I can see where you going with that - naughty girl :P..
    Leeches - hell no,
    Tape Worms - freaking hell no,
    Maggots - proven, I've seen it done, they just eat away all the dead stuff not the good live tissue, it is apparently a kinda weird feeling but you don't notice it after a while.
    Nice Latin, Miss Nightglow like dayglo only much more fun..
    Your right I'd much rather have a nice meal, maybe some vino du curage and then sex, that worms or leeches...


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