Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Never Fear, The Gysy is Here

It's ok, it's ok... calm down... I'm here... still. Been bowing to the whims of some unrepentant Zulus who deigned fit to stab me in the lower back with some rather blunt spears. I'm alright... just owchy, and decided it was best not to sit in front of a computer for a couple of days.

While I was lazing around, I found an old book that my Mom had sent me months ago. It's a children's reader that she and my Aunt shared back when they were youngsters. The note says, "Barb, found this among Grandma's things - one of the few books we had as children. Toss if you want. Just thought I'd share..." Ahem. Mom! For shame!!! "Toss if you want" ? ! ? ! This is NOT the same woman I grew up with. Toss a book? I'm ... shocked.

Anyway, the poem on the very first page I flipped to gave me the heebie-jeebies. Not because it's such an amazing poem, but because of the title of it. Whoodathunkit? Without further ado...

by Rachel Field

Last night the gypsies came -
Nobody knows from where.
Where they've gone to nobody knows,
And nobody seems to care!

Between the trees on the old swamp road
I saw them round their fire:
Tattered children and dogs that barked
As the flames leaped high and higher;
There were black-eyed girls in scarlet shawls,
Old folk wrinkled with years,
Men with handkerchiefs round their throats
And silver loops in their ears.
Ragged and red like maple leaves
When frost comes in the Fall,
The gypsies stayed but a single night;
In the morning gone were all -
Never a shaggy gypsy dog,
Never a gypsy child;
Only a burnt-out gypsy fire
Where danced that band so wild.

All gone and away,
Who knows where?
Only the wind that sweeps
Maple branches bare.


  1. Barb ** Hugs **,
    I know how that feels except it's not blunt spears more the occasional segment of 2x4 or the muscles just defy me and just stop moving as fast.. Your right toss a book, a perfectly good book that's in good conditional, never, hand it on to someone who will appreciate it yes..
    Good poem.
    Right that's it I suppose I should drag my ass to work now..

  2. I remember my grandmother reading saying this poem to me when I was a little girl some 40 years ago. When I read it myself it brings me back to those caring times.

    1. Goodness! Who are you Anonymous, and how did you land on my blog post from May 2008?!

      Regardless, welcome! And thanks for stopping by.

  3. After 22 years ... this is the only english poem I remember.. thanks


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