Sunday, January 27, 2008

Industrious Waste

I am going to clean, rearrange, and organize this studio today. I can no longer live with my clutter and apathy toward it. So... check back later. I'll be posting before and after pictures.

As promised, I'm back (finally) with before and after pics. It was a long gruelling day, but I did it... Veni, vidi, vici! I'm a vicious reorganizer and a cutthroat when it comes to tossing out stuff. I'm really happy with my new and improved space. Now creative genius will really be able to get some space and some oxygen, and it'll burn, baby, burn.

Before (I'm so ashamed):


So, I'm whupped, but I feel better. Along the way, I found some treasures. For example: I found my passport ("Freekin-A!" hollers the gypsy.) And, I found a great pic of John and me that I'd long ago forgotten existed.

I spent 1/2 an hour crying after I found John's old deodorant in a box and the scent of it just sent me off over the edge. It's one of the things that annoys me most about all of this. I never know when it will hit or what will trigger it, and being sad sucks. But, I let myself go to it - it's all part of the process. I just wish there was some kind of yellow flashing light as a precursor. C'est la vie, I reckon.


  1. Aw Crap!! I shouldn't have read your blog today, it got me inspired, and I took all the clutter off the top of the entertainment center, and off from the hutch, and now it's just piled up on the table and end tables! Yikes, with Kyia staying here, I have no place to put all this crap,..err..treasures!! I know that George Carlin said we gotta have stuff, but I guess I took it to a whole new level! They say the person that dies with the most stuff wins, and right now, I think I must be in first place! UGH I will keep ya posted how high this stuff gets before I find a home (round can) for all of it...
    I wonder if Izzy would mind if I used her cage to store stuff, since I seem to have used up all the other places in the house! hee hee
    Love ya,
    PS and NO, you are not getting before and after pics, cause there are no after pics!!!!

  2. *snort... giggle...*

    Sorry, Tonto! Didn't mean to put YOU to task!

    I'm sure Izzy would love some of the stuff. And you wouldn't have to worry about shredding sensitive documents.


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