Friday, January 11, 2008

Is It?

Friday! Yay!!

I may be off line for a couple of days. I'm expecting some company this weekend (Tom and Dad), and will be switching things over from the Mac to the PC. Sad, but true. I'll miss the Mac, as there is much to like about it. However, worry not, I will be back and posting here as soon as possible.

I'm already pondering my next post: Love Is All You Need.

So, keep your eyes peeled, and keep checking back. And, consider what that phrase means to you.
Have a wonderful weekend!

In other news, I won second prize in a poetry contest. No cash, just recognition. I'm flattered just for the recognition. Here's the poem I entered:
Is It?

Is it
that you are calling my name
cajoling silence resounding
in an echo
that makes me weep

is it
that you are pulling at my heart
tiny invisible strings
tugging, rousing me
from my sleep

is it
that you look in my eyes
watching visions dance
and swirl in rhythm,
treasures buried
in my deep

is it
that you are simply
answer to my wishes
candles, pennies, and stars
that were never
mine to keep

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  1. hi, Barb
    yesterday really hit the nail.. say hi to Tom and Mike. Allan reads your blog a lot.. cool... I'll miss my daily dose! see ya soon!


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