Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't worry. We'll buy flowers.

Friday! At long last!!!

It's been a busy week, especially work wise. My boss is proving that you can, in fact, teach an old Dingo new tricks - I've inherited some of the accounting responsibilities from one of my coworkers who is cutting back to two days a week. Even without that, I'd be swamped. There's a never ending pile o' dingo shit on my desk. But, it's all good.

Yesterday's post was all about smiling and laughter, and the good they can both do. Well, one of my coworkers (aka The New Gal) got a good one in on me. As I was staring at yet another spreadsheet in a state of bewilderment, she came in and dumped a new steaming pile on my desk. I looked up with a whimper and said, "You're killin' me! Really... I'm gonna die right here at my desk!" Without missing a beat she dryly replied, "Don't worry. We'll buy flowers." I love that kind of humor. It flat out cracked me up, and it was exactly what I needed. My boss was in the adjoining office, so I hollered, "What the hell'd you hire her for?!" He came around the corner with a big grin on his face and said, "Figured it was about time you met your match." I reckon so... ayup, I do reckon.

Revisiting yet another somewhat recent post, I've been making the attempt to keep in touch with people a little bit better. Last night I got together with a friend that I haven't seen in... oh, about three months. We had a great time. I always enjoy talking to Wendi - she's wise. The gods know I need all the help I can get in that department. I often forget how important she's been in my life, and how many times she's been there for me. After all, it's all Wendi's fault that I've become the card stampin' artist that I am.

People often ask me how I got started doing my artwork. I've always been a creative, crafty type, but never quite felt I'd found my niche until a few years ago. When John and I were living in an apartment complex, Wendi and her ex-boyfriend were our neighbors. John and the ex had struck up a bit of a friendship, and through that, we had a tenuous friendship with Wendi. She was hosting a card-making party for a rubber stamp company and invited me to come. I wasn't going to - I didn't want to spend an evening pent up with a bunch of cackley women, and I certainly didn't need another hobby. But, John pushed me, saying, "Oh, go's the neighborly thing to do!" So, go I did. I came back home 3 hours later with my eyes glazed over and a new addiction was born. Bless his dearly departed heart, John never did admit to making a mistake by encouraging me. Even better than a creative outlet, it allowed for some common ground that gave Wendi and I reason to bond as friends.

You just never know...

Tomorrow I'm getting together with my friend Gwen and her daughter Maleah. I know, just as other times, we'll end up saying, "Why don't we do this more often?!" Gwen hired me 4 jobs ago and we've both long since left the company, but we've remained in contact. (I know - how crazy is that?) She's another wise one with a fantastic sense of humor, and we share the same taste in books and movies. There's no excuse for us not getting together more often. Heck, we live within about 4 miles of each other! And Maleah is always good medicine, being the precocious child she is.

So, in with the old and in with the new.

Tonight I have a date with a guy whose sense of humor leaves me breathless - from laughing. (I've always maintained that if a guy can do that, it doesn't take much more to hit it out of the ballpark.) So, I'm looking forward to this evening - looking forward to our typically easy conversation and some good belly laughs. He's a deep thinker too - highly intelligent, as might be expected of my choices - but his thought process, like my own, is very well balanced by some good old fashioned sardonic wit. Yeah, I'm fair game to be altogether dazzled. Keep ya posted... you know it.

One last bit, for those of you who seem to delight in following my path of introspection - day 25 as a vegetarian, and still going strong. I'm enjoying it actually. I sure miss hamburgers though....

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