Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Gypsy & Birddog: The Conclusion

29 December 2007... I hugged Timothy and we exchanged "see ya laters" (we never say goodbye). Then, it was back to Sparks and the engulfing love of the Sherman family. I've been to Sparks five times now (counting round trips) since August. I really love it there. For being so close to Reno, it's such a laid back town. People still smile and say hello to each other. I've yet to meet anyone pretentious there (though I'm sure there are such individuals). Geographically, it's got all the good elements: desert, changing seasons, mountains. It's central to lots of natural beauty types of places, Tahoe only being one. I could easily see myself living there, and may yet do so. Living there would also put me within an easy 3.5 hours of John's family, and, as is evident in previous posts, within a half day's drive of Timothy. Plus, I'd have the whole, vastly extended Sherman clan to hang around with. Oh yeah... I'm a-thinkin'...

I spent another two and a half days at Nancy and Jim's house before heading back to Kirkland. It was filled with lots more conversation and laughter, lots of dog patting (Maxie is such a slut!), and lots of relaxing and hanging around. I feel fortified by it, still.

I spent part of an afternoon at Robin's (and Joe's) new home, checking out her craft stuff and getting acquainted with their dog Booda (an excitable brown cocker spaniel). Robin is such a cool person. I got to know her a little over two years ago, online at first, and then we met up at a crafting convention in Las Vegas (which is how I met Nancy too). I've seen so much great growth in her personal life, as well as in her artistic talent. It's just fun to know her. Sunday evening, Nancy, Jim, Robin, Joe and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. We glutted ourselves on salad and breadsticks. Yum!

I got to spend some more time with Kyia and Pauli. Being with teenagers (18 and 13 respectively) is such an eye-opening experience. In a good way. I was so different from them at that age. I wish I'd been so free, and so able to share my thoughts and feelings. The three of us shared sleeping quarters with Izzy the Rat. I felt... young. (So stop apologizing, Tonto!).

On New Years Eve, we pretty much just lounged around. Pauli and I watched a bunch of Project Runway reruns, and poked fun at the fashion and the silly attitudes of the designers. It was a lot of fun to spend time with her and get to know her better. Sweet kid... I'm anxious to see the fine woman to come. No doubt that fierce spirit underlying the sweetness will mature into something amazing.

Nancy and I rang in the New Year by watching the maniacs and fireworks of Reno on the TV, from the cozy comfort of the sofa. We could hear the fireworks all the way at her house and the dogs went crazy with the sounds. I didn't feel like I missed a thing not being with all the other revelers. And, it was so cool to be able to start this year with one of my best buddies on earth. It meant more to me than I can articulate.

New Year's Day, I loaded up again for the journey "home." I say that in quotes, because, while I'm familiar with my life here, it no longer really feels like home. It's not the place I feel called to. Truly, this is the year I pack it in, pack it up, and head to... somewhere.

The Conclusion, I said? Nay. Merely the beginning...


  1. nice stamp. i see it worked very well! love what you did with it!

  2. I have truly enjoyed reading your Gypsy & Birddog series, not just because my family and I are in it, (I did not even know that you were going to write about us), but the experience of being seen through someone else's eyes and heart. The reflections of us in your eyes were honest and very genuine, and it was a very humbling feeling. I guess that all our lives we all think of ourselves or perceive ourselves as one way, and yet the world tends to see us in another way and in another light, but, you have the uncanny knack of seeing right straight into a persons' (or families') soul. Trust me Gypsy, not very many people I have run across in my 60 years of life have ever been able to do that! You can seem to read my mind when I am not even speaking, and you always seem to know (even being so far away) if I need an ear, a big laugh, or a comfortable shoulder to cry on...only kindred spirits can do that, and for that I am very grateful.
    I wish I was a writer so I could insert all kinds of cool sayings and stuff in here, but, I am not, so it will be plain but from the always. I am a firm believer in kismet and that the people we meet are put in and on our life's path for a reason, that reason being to help us in our journey through life, and I thank the gods that had a hand in our meeting and in our instant but lifelong friendship...I feel like I hit the jackpot that day and every day since...
    I sense a big change in you, and I felt it when I last saw's like the Gypsy spirit is preparing for a move, kind of like big billowing misty tendrils wrapping themselves around you in a swirling motion, and whispering "it's time, it's time"...
    Please remember, that no matter where that Gypsy spirit takes you, in body or soul, you will always have our love and very best vibes with you...always!
    Love ya Kemosabi,

  3. Shucks, Tonto. I only speak the truth. You guys are some o' the best folks on the planet.

    Your perception / imagery of the gypsy spirit is astounding. That's pretty much how it feels. Talk about a kindred being able to read a person's soul...

    Love ya oodles and oodles!

    PS You ARE a writer, silly!


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