Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shut Up and Dance

Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.
~My Back Pages, Bob Dylan

We're just a couple of kids. Or at least it feels like we are. We might as well be 17 and sneaking into the basement for a quick grope session... except we don't have to sneak, and it doesn't have to be quick. But, we get silly together, and love-y, and... crap... I swear I've got stars in my eyes. We play grab-ass every chance we get, smooch on the way up the stairs, catch each other looking and smile knowingly.

He's addicted to making me blush (easily done), and I'm addicted to that grin on his face that says, "She's mine and she's happy... I did that."

I've never been in love like this before. It's never been this easy or this good. And yeah, I'm aware that those are huge words coming from me. Trust me, I'm more surprised by it all than anyone else. Never expected this. I thought I'd had the great(est) love of my life, had my shot at it. Now this?! I'm blown away... completely in awe of the deep well of feeling that was still untapped. How can there be this much in one lifetime? And... why me? Why allow me? What am I supposed to do with it all? Learn from it all? Teach from it all?

I know. I know. Quit over thinking. Shut up and dance. I will... I am... it's just... it's just.... *sigh*...

It's no secret, I don't care
Gonna shout it out everywhere
I love my baby, hot, cold, fast, or slow
I love my baby, gonna tell everybody I know
~Tell Everybody I know, Keb' Mo'

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  1. can you send some of that giddy love my way? (or, more aptly, my hubster's way?)

    PS I HATE word verification....."feconsom"???? Seriously?


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