Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Settling In

~All I Want Is You, Barry Louis Polisar

Egads! Has a week gone by already? Every day I've been wanting to post, but it's a classic case of much to do and little time to do it all. But, it's been a great week.

I got to meet Steve's daughter the other day (she's all growed up). We immediately hit it off... of course, it helped that she drooled all over my art supplies. She's definitely a kindred spirit though. I'm pretty certain I passed inspection. We spent the afternoon talking, laughing, messing with my piano, and I taught her and a little neighbor girl (aka "my new BFF") how to play cribbage. Steve was busy working on a boat motor the whole time. After they both left, I asked Steve, "Well? Did I get the seal of approval?" He grinned and said, "Been a long time since she hung around that long...."

My new BFF, Alexis, is a wonderful little girl. Considering that she's had a somewhat hard life for her young years (she's starting fifth grade today), she has such a sweet spirit. Steve warned me that she could be a pest. I assured him that I don't mind. I like having kids around; like the great perspective that comes with looking through their eyes. Alexis can't wait to get her hands on some of my art supplies. I've promised her that I would teach her how to make cards. I gave her a barrette that I had made and a couple of cookies that Steve made (gawd, the man bakes!), and she immediately hugged me and said, "You guys are so nice!" The kids just melts my heart.

Then there's our neighbor Danny... older guy, loves to fish, loves to pretend he's just a crusty, dirty old man, but there's an enormous heart of gold there. Besides, the way he phrases things and slings words around keeps me in stitches. Look for a future post of Danny-isms - I'm collecting them (but one of my favorites is, "Guy's got a face like a bastard cat!"). The other day I made two fresh blackberry pies (from fresh picked wild berries) and gave him one. He keeps us supplied with smoked fish - and the stuff is delectable! What a deal! He catches them, immediately cleans them, even removes the pin bones and puts them in the smoker all in the same day.

Yesterday Steve and I went blackberry picking down by the river (because one can't have too many fresh blackberries, y'know?). Despite the scratches on our arms and the prickers stuck in our hands it was a wonderful time, punctuated by the sight of ospreys grabbing fish from the river and flying off with their wriggling lunches in their talons, and the occasional whoop of the men fly fishing off the river bank. The sun was shining, everything smelled fresh from the rain the night before.

Life is good.


  1. Damn girl, sounds like you've got some really good Karma goin on.

  2. I like blackberry pie and I love to play cribbage. Wanna come over here?


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