Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fifty Nifty Things


Today is a special Saturday post because I'm joining Tizzy over at Impossible Dreams (here), for her Nifty Fifty Blogfest Contest (pick me! pick me!). She's celebrating having over fifty followers on her blog and is doing so by offering a challenge to other bloggers to write a piece having to do with the number 50.

Fifty is actually a number that's been on my mind quite a lot lately. Just recently I've begun my 50th year of existence - at this time, fifty years ago, I was a two week old embryo. I was just a tiny floaty thing that looked like some kind of mutated shrimp, but I'd begun. My mother knew by then that she was pregnant.

I once asked her if she thought, at that early stage, about who I would become. She said she didn't. Her only hope was for a healthy baby - 10 fingers, 10 toes, and all the other bits in the right places. She got her wish on November 17, 1961.

Something I've also been pondering heavily the last couple of weeks is, "what was I born for?" Not why was I born, but what was I born to do - as in, "Yeah, baby... I was born for that!" Y'know, things that stir me. I thought... why not make a list of Fifty Nifty Things I Was Born For?

Why not, indeed? So, I took a look at the accumulation of half a century and came up with a list. There's only one wee caveat; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts it's made of.

Here goes... Fifty Nifty Things I Was Born For

1. Loving
2. Laughing
3. Singing
4. Playing piano
5. Writing
6. Painting
7. Crafting
8. Cooking
9. Telling stories
10. Making others laugh
11. Compassion
12. Making love
13. Friendship
14. Inner strength
15. Crying
16. Journeying
17. Humoring
17. Questioning
18. Curiosity
19. Being stubborn
20. Art
21. Sleeping
22. Waking
23. Sunrises
24. Stars
25. Nature
26. Mountains
27. Atheism
28. French Fries
29. Snow
30. Poetry
31. Learning
32. Words
33. Eric Clapton's music
34. Rain
35. Hugging
36. Thinking
37. Blogging
38. Bean! (Coffee, for those who don't know me.)
39. Procrastinating
40. Doing laundry
41. Making cards
42. Snuggling
43. Tenacity
44. Willfulness
45. Perseverance
46. Observing
47. Flying in my dreams
48. Sewing
49. Swearing
50. Bacon


  1. What a lovely post. Fabulous! I love it :O)

  2. Hi Barb, you did a great job coming up with that many things you were born for. Mine would be more like: eating, sleeping, writing. I have to wonder why doing laundry is something you were born for though?! Thanks for taking part in my blogfest :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    Yes, it seems I was indeed born for laundry - I certainly am "allowed" to do plenty of it!

    I realized as I was falling asleep last night that I really should have put sarcasm on the list somewhere too. ;-)

  4. My pick is you & I love Bacon!!

  5. A great list :)...sarcasm would also have to be on my list. Not sure about the snow though. Here in London when it snows the whole city comes to a standstill. (Although that does mean I get a day off work-so not too bad...until it turns to black slush.)


  6. That's an interesting exercise. I've never thought about making a list like that and if I had I probably wouldn't have thought of Bacon. But, you know, Bacon works for me. In fact, I guess I could make a sublist of the 50 foods I was born for.
    Nice approach to the Nifty Fifty!

    Tossing It Out

  7. Love it! "Bacon", haha! i think i'd have a hard time coming up with 50 things i was born for...

  8. Love your list. I've never thought of doing anything like this either. Maybe I should. :) Nice to meet you.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by.

    Lee, I could think of 50 wonderful uses just for bacon!

    Jessica, you'd be surprised. I expected the list to take me forever, but it went really fast. Nothing like a little free association!

    M Pax, you should! Nice to meet you too... where in the Pacific NW are you?!

  10. nice blog post entry. Interesting. I know for a FACT I wasn't born for laundry (I'm actually doing some at this very moment). I don't like laundry at all. But bacon, that I do like :)

  11. Barb, this is a wonderful post!!! And meaningful for me too....I often wonder what I'm here for, and I'm sure I couldn't come up with so many reasons, although I think swearing and willfulness might explain everything!!! Love the picture at the top.....there's stuff in my brain that refuses to budge too!

  12. Great post. Found you through the blogfest. Now a follower.

  13. Loved your list! I'm not one to turn down a BLT! Found you thru the fest and am your newest follower.

  14. What an awesome list! Thank you for reminding us of all the fabulous things life has to offer.

    Nifty 50 Blogfest

  15. Thanks so much, everyone! And welcome, Debra, Kittie, and Ellie!


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