Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Dish Best Served

Yes, I've redecorated. Is it reredecorated if you've done it more than once? I don't know about you, but the mountainy background, although pretty, made it too difficult for me to read. I don't like distraction - my inner ADD child can't cope. It was time for a change. Besides, when I'm not focused and/or motivated, I tend to putter.

I've started doing a slightly more "naughty" line of cards, per the request of some of my more "naughty" customers. I've hesitated hauling them out in the daylight for everyone to see for fear of offending some. But. I think they're really quite tasteful and funny. So, I'm debuting one here today. I'm feeling a need to shake things up a little, if only in my own little creative world.

I was overwhelmed with the response I received from yesterday's post. You are all so very kind. Honestly, I wasn't even going to post. I didn't feel terribly motivated and when I read what I'd written it felt clunky and plodding to me. Even so, I didn't want to just leave all that empty space hanging, so I hit the "publish post" button. Just goes to show you I'm not always the best judge of my own work. Maybe I need to tell my internal (infernal) editor to shut the hell up and look at things through my readers' eyes every now and then.

Maybe I need to step out of my own way. Ahh. Recurring theme. Lovely. Sometimes I feel like there are two of me in the kitchen, both of us mostly brilliant in our own way. Rather than working well together within our own space(s) and creating something completely stunning, we keep bumping into each other, upsetting each other's dishes, and adding a general annoyance to the air. It's as if the two of me are glowering at each other, brandishing dripping wooden spoons, and berating in a low Clint Eastwood-esque growl, "Will you just get the hell out of my way?!" Sounds psychotic, I know, but that captures the feeling of it.

My mental report card says, in big red letters, Does Not Play Well With Others!  I'm at odds with my Muses, stubborn fool that I am, often saying defiantly, "You can't make me do that," or whining, "But I don't waaant tooooooo..."

This morning I oh, so gently picked on a friend, telling her that she really should turn her hand to writing (and she should, she's brilliant). I told her to quit doubting herself, to quit sweating what others will think. As I saw my words on screen I thought, "You're so full of shit. All talk, so little practical application as evidence." (*rolls eyes*)

And there you were thinking, "Geez, but I would love to be Barb for a day! I wish I was that creative!!!" Yeah? Have at it. I've got laundry to do.

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  1. I love your card. It's got just the right amount of naughtiness without getting tacky. I can also identify with the split person thing and definitely the little girl 'I don't want tooo.I've been there more times than I can count but am now learning (for the most part) to ignore that particular trap. Thank you for writing this so clearly and visually.


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