Monday, February 21, 2011

Between the Lines

Last week I wrote about wondering why or how anyone identifies with either my words or my art (read it here). I got the impression that my friends and readers thought I was looking for validation. I wasn't, which made me think I hadn't worded the thing correctly. Except that I did.

Regardless, my friend Lisa (who writes wonderfully here) gave me the insight I was looking for. In the comments she said, "There is an affinity when people speak the truth, especially if we share a truth, have similar truths." I thought, "Of course. Of course. That's it!"

Truth. If there is an element to what I do, whether it is writing or artwork, or whatever creative bent I'm on, it's truth. Whether my work is good or bad, eloquent or undignified, I strive for honesty. My innate fear of being misunderstood demands that much, and whatever talent I've got requires it. Besides, the Muses unleash unholy hell if I exhibit any capricious behavior.

I think that, no matter how abstract a work can be, no matter how rudimentary your skills, when you put your heart into it, when you use genuine instinct to create it (rather than any kind if machination or manipulation), the truth shines through.

I think that's quite possibly what people get out of my stuff. Truth. Honesty. They see beyond the creation and get the heart of it.

And that's a whole different kind of validation. Because that's the kind of validation you don't go seeking. That's the kind of validation that just happens.

Which is why I'm still pretty freekin' amazed.


  1. As much as I love my own brain and the twisty way it processes, I do so love to peel back someone else's skull and see what's going on in there from time to time for shits and giggles. Your brain is always hopped up on bean and spinning like a carnival ride.

  2. Amen.

    The best writing is always honest and true, even if it isn't necessarily factual. It ain't easy to do, though. For me, writing honestly means I'm sometimes petty, weak, foolish or cruel, and it feels like I'm standing naked on a downtown street corner when I share those raw, if carefully worded, narratives.

    And, yes, I think you write truthfully, which makes for engaging/smart posts, which is probably a big reason why I continue to read Black Ink Pad.


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