Monday, August 16, 2010

Shift Change

Two very good things happened last week.

A while back I mentioned that someone wanted to use my story in his book. That someone is Scott Trudo at Live Your Passion. Of course, I was beyond flattered that he thought my work and my story worthy of using in his work. The book goes by the same title as his website, Live Your Passion. True to its title, it's all about how to create and live the life that you want to, that you're drawn to, that, yes, you're passionate about. Well, I'm happy to say the book is now published! I can't recommend the book highly enough. If you're ready for your life to change, you can purchase a copy of the book, Live Your Passion, by Scott Trudo here.

The other very good thing that happened last week is that I sold a painting!!! I was absolutely floored when the purchaser asked to buy the above artwork. She further blew me away when she mentioned that she wanted to hang it in her bedroom with a work by Picasso. I keep thinking, "Barb Black hanging on a wall with Pablo Picasso... unreal. Un-flippin'-real!!!" Close on the heals of that is the likelihood that I've sold yet another painting to another person (just waiting to iron out the details).

Whodathunkit?! I'm in a published book and I'm selling my own artwork. I mean, yes, this is what I've longed for, hoped for, worked toward, but... did I really, truly, deep down believe it? I'm not so sure. I'd like to think that I did, but in all honesty, I've had my doubts. I still have my doubts. It appears I'm human after all.

What's important here is that I'm open to it, I'm allowing it. As Emerson once said, "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." I decided to follow my art path, decided to go with my passion. I quit saying, "I'm not an artist," and instead latched on to the affirmative, "I am an artist." I decided that it didn't matter how my inner critic felt about my work, but that the work itself was allowed to be. My inner critic (that rat bastard!) will always be there, judging, sneering, scoffing. There will always, always be that voice saying, "It is not good enough." I've merely chosen to listen to a different voice, a voice that says, "Be true. Make it honest. Let the rest fall where it may."

When you live your passion, when you follow what you believe you were born for, everything, good and bad, (still) comes into play. Life happens and the Universe doles out awards and demerits as it sees fit. The difference is that you're working for it and not against it.

I told you August would be a month of shifting paradigms and exacting change. My goal this week is also my affirmation for the week: Let 'er fly!


  1. Even if you didn't believe it, the rest of us KNEW it would happen for you dear Barb. I'm delighted and thrilled for you!

  2. Congratulations! And i'm with Dana - i'm not surprised that you're being recognized for your talent.


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