Friday, August 13, 2010

The Remedy

I came across my first grade report card the other day. In the comments section, among other comments lauding my 7 year old intelligence and perspicacity, was, "Barby tends to giggle a little too much." Obviously, some things never change. What's too much? And what the hell was I giggling about? I've always been easily amused. Even when I'm not amused, I will invent amusement.

I'm one of those people who makes up stories about strangers in airports. Sometimes all it takes is a headline: Man Who Licks Cats Flies to Nashville for Secret Rendezvous with Dog Lover or Woman Returns from the 1980s to a Shocking New World. I am also liable to play this game at the grocery store. I even play it at Disney World, and it's not like a body needs extra amusement at Disney World, right?! But people make it so easy down there. You see families all wearing the same t-shirts and you can't help but think: Family of Five Escapes from Hanes Factory With Only the Shirts on Their Backs. Then there's always: Angry Mob Attacks Man for Wearing Dark Socks, Sandals & Bermuda Shorts. But, that one is just too easy.

The biggest issue here - and I don't really see it as an issue, but others sometimes do - the biggest issue is that I'm often found chuckling to myself. I'm not an internal laugher. When it's funny, I really do laugh out loud. Even if it's only funny to me. Even if no one else is around. Laughter is healthy. Well, unless it's insane and followed by copious drooling, or diabolical and followed by unspeakable acts, it's healthy. I assure you, my laughter is neither, it is merely mirth music.

I love that report card though. I may frame it and put it where I can see it. Why? I'd like to think that when my ashes are scattered, someone will be laughing (even if it's through tears), and say, "Barb was always laughing about something."

Is there a better remedy for daily life? I think not.

Woman Who Giggles Too Much Loves Life


  1. Hah, made me think of the warty teacher in "Uncle Buck" who attempts to take John Candy's niece to task for being a "giddy heart" (or something comparable) & John launches into a Papa Bear tirade that rings in my mind even 20 years after the movie came out...

    A pox upon educators-- especially any who work with CHILDREN-- who think they giggle too much!!

  2. I agree, Dear Friend. We learn seriousness all too soon as it is.

  3. I also laugh aloud. I love reading a book and encountering something that can make me laugh aloud. A true gift to make words evoke laughter. And what is the pleasure in restrained laughter? On more than one Sunday, my oldest sons and I would get tickled in church...about someone's attire or for no discernible reason. It was pure consternation to my (ex)husband. Church is not a place for irrepressible giggling, damnit!! I think the African American protestant churches have one over on everyone else.....they permit the Holy Spirit to overtake you and you can act as crazy as a June bug and no one cares. Laughter is a delicious joy, as rare as a nugget of gold panned from a river. And just as valuable.


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