Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Replacement Parts

It was our usual sarcastic banter. I was giving him shit and he knew it, and I knew he knew it, and as usual, expectedly, he lobbed it right back. Actually, I was talking to our neighbor, The Fishin’ Slut, about Steve being a gear-head and made the comment, “Hell, he even sprays WD40 on popcorn!” To which Steve, looking up from working on a boat motor, gave me his rolled-eye wry smile and calmly said, “You can be replaced.” I laughed, knowing full well it was impossible, and having absolute faith that it was the furthest thing from his mind.

You can be replaced…


There is only one of each of us. We may bear physical, emotional, and intellectual similarities to others, but it ends there. We can’t ever be replaced. I think of those I’ve lost in my life, whether they‘ve passed on, or simply wandered away. True enough, life has gone on and I’ve bonded with other souls - we are not meant to be solitary creatures. However, the absence of those I’ve lost is still a presence in my life, and ever shall be. See? There is only one of you. There is only one of me. We’ll never come across each other again in this lifetime. That makes me - when I consider all the people just in my little circle - that makes me think, “Wow…” Consideration beyond that leaves me groping for appropriate words and falling short.

In light of that, do you understand what an amazing blessing you are to me? Do you understand how superlatively, serendipitously wonderful that is? I mean… what are the odds?! I don’t believe in random collision of people, because I’ve seen proof that the people in my life are there for a reason, even if they don’t stay in my life. Further, I think that when we’re ready (and open) the right people come into our lives. Astounding. Incredible. Fantabulous. Holy shit! Wow...

You can’t be replaced. Not ever.

And so… think about this too…

There will only be one of you for all time - you must fearlessly be yourself.
~Anthony Rapp

We are individually precious... ought we not treat each other as such?

~Get Together, The Youngbloods

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