Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh, (Don't) Grow Up!

The Universe is attempting to hammer home a point again today. When I woke up, I blindly (sans my first cup o' bean) reached for a t-shirt, and grabbed one of my favorites. It's the one that says, "I am never growing up!" Then after I had ingested an appropriate amount of coffee, I read today's post at Mildly Creative. In it, Ken states: Sometimes, we think we’re all grown up, but I doubt it. Seems to me, we’re never fully-grown. If we were, we’d have no growing to do, and what a terrible bore that would be. Amen, Ken, and again I say amen. Third time being the charm, a facebook friend instant messaged me. As we were chatting, he made the observation, "I'm still an idiot... still trying to grow up." I replied, "Quit trying."

I love seeing the world through young childrens' eyes, through their innocence. There is wonder everywhere they turn, there is awe in a blade of grass. It takes extremely little to stir their imaginations, and they can displace disbelief in a blink. They are the gods of their worlds and everything at their hands is whatever they wish it to be. Although my view of things is often sardonic, I've never lost the ability to see the world the way a child does. I believe it's one of my best gifts. So, I don't ever want to grow up.

In the voice of the very old
I hear the wisdom of every year
In the eyes of the very young
I see the reason for every tear
Seems I'm not here or there
Not young or old
I've fallen somewhere
In between
But I love the life I feel in me
Maybe I'm the lucky one
~Lucky One, lyrics by Barb Black

I'm not gonna grow up! You can't make me!!! Neener, neener, neener...

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