Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movin' Right Along

As I mentioned to my dear pal, Haute Bisquette the other day... don't no moss have time to grow on this Gypsy. But thanks to all for your comments and emails on yesterday's post.

Evidenced above, I've finally designed a logo that I'm happy with. It even translates well to business cards. I'm meeting with a new friend of mine today (Beth) - she and her husband own a marketing company and they're going to market my stuff. In the words of Peter Gabriel, "Big time. I'm on my way I'm makin' it. Big time. I'm gonna watch it grow, yeah!" I still need to finish designing an adequate website, etc., but that will happen soon enough.

Supposedly I'm also going to get to visit with my dogs today. Although, given Mr. Sloth's recent unreliability, I'm not holding my breath. Should said meeting happen, I will talk and he will listen. Whether or not my words make any impact I intend to have my say.

In the meantime, we had a wild storm move through here last night and today promises to be sunny and sultry. The air smells beautiful. I'm looking forward to a cool dip in the river later this afternoon. I did that a couple of times last week and let me tell ya... the water is f i n e!

I will keep my river wonderland. I will. I shall not be moved. This is where I belong. I'm channeling my ancestor Atilla for all I'm worth... storm the castle and apologize later, if at all. Machete in hand, I'll hack through the fucking briars blocking my path until my arm won't move any more.

Lesson: Never unwittingly toss a challenge at a Gypsy. We're known to rally. Really.


  1. Yeah it's nice barb, oh and you go girl. You take him on and you win..
    I'm sure nino and smoke will realise it wasn't your fault and love you again and give someone a dirty look when they realise your can't take them with ya, well maybe.


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