Monday, July 27, 2009

Fly By

To steal and turn a phrase from Mr. Ali, "Float like a butterfly. Sting like a B... B for Barb, that is."

Having a plethora of bugs to choose from out here in the wild (especially at this time of year), I've been studying my li'l entomological friends. Studying and trying to learn from them. Flies pester. Mosquitoes search and destroy. Bees work hard. Ants constantly march, march, march. Butterflies though... butterflies seem to have nothing better to do than grace the day. They rise from the various berry bushes with a flutter and then land again, as if to say, "See me? I'm here." It's in that grace that they get my full attention, above and beyond all the others. They're so delicate, yet so persistent... so fragile, yet so full of life.

They leave their mark in imagery. Just now I'm looking out at a crop of rather tall dandelions in my front yard. Flitting in and among the yellow blooms are a dozen or so all white butterflies (maybe they're moths, but I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt). Long after I've forgotten the nagging itch from the mosquito bite on my ankle, I'll have this beautiful green, yellow and white picture in my mind. I'll draw on that picture in the dead of winter when everything is covered in snow.

The lesson? Leave some kind of beauty hovering around on someone's path. Make it indelible even if it's intangible.

And now I'm off to work like a B.

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  1. My husband left me a butterfly, unfortunately not alive, on my desk today. It is really in great condition and I placed it next to my brother's photo. In the animal sense book that I received from a dear friend.

    If a butterfly has danced into your life today it is bringing you the beauty of change in some area of your life. Change can be exciting if you are able to accept it with GRACE. Knowing what the future holds can be amazing if we are able to reflect on the lessons that we learned from our past. Maybe it is time to spend some quiet time for thought and reflect on past journeys and lessons so when the time is right you can emerge into your next season with grace and beauty. Remember that if nothing changes then nothing changes. Take the time to smell the flowers and share a part of your beauty with some one you love.


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