Saturday, July 18, 2009

...and, Hey It's Good to Be Back Home Again

Okay then. The earth can resume its normal rotation. I'm back at the helm. It's been a long, strange trip since May 26th. Tell you all about it sometime. For now, rest assured that all is as well as it can be (though I'd appreciate it being a bit better than the current state of affairs). I'm fine, I'm home... at long last. I sure have missed my spot in the big woods.

I hardly know where to begin, so for now I'm going to end this post and ponder some more. Life is a tricky thing. Talking about it is trickier still... for me it is, anyway.

*fade to shot of Gypsy sitting on a warm rock, dangling her feet in the river*


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  1. I am so glad to see you back! Have missed you!


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