Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...And Then Some

I didn't notice until I logged in, but today is my 300th post! And there I was, wondering what the hell I was going to write about! Sheesh. I never would have thought I'd be so verbosely prolific. Thanks to all of you, my faithful acolytes, for lighting the candles, stoking the fires, and keeping the door open in both directions. Funny that Timothy and I were just talking last night - about healing and how it's necessary to get feelings out in order for that to happen. I mentioned that I didn't know how I'd have ever made it through the past two years without him (because I can call him and say anything and everything or nothing, and he gets me). He pointed out that as much as anything, what's helped me is writing here on this blog. True speech, and I'm probably not grateful enough often enough for the liberty and privilege I'm granted here.

So, in retrospect I can say that I don't know what I would have done without the last 299 posts - except that it's likely T-man would need ear surgery by now. Whether I've made differences in anyone else's day(s) or not, I'm just selfish enough to acknowledge that it almost doesn't matter because it's all been relevant to me on some level (even if it was only the act of writing that made me feel better, feel more there). It's helped me heal and helped me grow - and yet, you've all been there, peering into my fish bowl (you brave and curious creatures, you). Ironic that, considering what an essentially private person I am.

I thank you, all of you... for your patience, your tolerance, your kindness, your support... for making me own my shit... for helping me keep my mirror steady... for cheering me on... for making me laugh and not minding if I cry at the same time... heck, for all the love. Realize it or not, like it or not, you've played a part in this Gypsy Revival, and I'm better for it.

And now, I'm off to Disney World for a week. M-I-C-see you next week... K-E-Y-why? 'Cause we are all in this together.
I'm a new soul
I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake
See I'm a young soul in this very strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout what is true and fake
But why all this hate? try to communicate
Finding trust and love is not always easy to make
This is a happy end
Cause you don't understand
Everything you have done
Why's everything so wrong
This is a happy end
Come and give me your hand
I'll take you far away

~Yael Naim, New Soul

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  1. You prolly won't get this before you depart, but if you do, safe travels-- enjoy your escape, & give my best to Homer-dawg and his sweet family.

    Happy trails!


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