Sunday, March 30, 2008

Supernova Sunday

As reported on November 1, 2007, by Tariq Malik:
"A massive explosion in the deep reaches of space stemmed not from one dying star, as is typical, but from two dead ones that collided as the climax of a long orbital dance..."

If dead stars can do that, what happens when two souls collide?
What happens when two artists, unbidden, share a single vision?

When two poets, in a communion of timbre, speak the same word?
When prime numbers line up like so many dominoes to be knocked flat, the combination thereof resulting in a new prime?
When feral eyes clearly see shadow and midnight?
When two like spirits, each on a separate path, meet at a crossroads, recognizing the fruition of a life-long search?
It is...
Massive: widespread; imposing in scale

Let not my heart be still. Hammer away.

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  1. Now Barb that's when something very special happens, it's not fully explainable by anyone who hasn't experienced this "wondrous thing", but if you have you can tell everyone else who has as well and are able to communicate this with a glance, just a little one at that..
    It's all about connection...


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