Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Court Jester Wins

Was there ever a fairy tale in which, after being presented all of the rich, handsome and available princes in the land, the king's daughter chooses the court jester? I don't recall one. Had there been such a story, I would have identified with it. Nothing will snap-focus my attention faster than a guy with a sense of humor. The more irreverent, the better. Humor is at the top of my mental "laundry list" of what I look for in a guy. I'll take the ability to generate belly-hugging, tear-squeezing, breath-robbing laughter any day over the ability to induce a long, slow screaming orgasm. But, hey... hit both points, and you've knocked it out of the park, buddy. (I am a Scorpio, after all.)

She was starin' through the doorframe
Eyeing me down like already a bad boyfriend
Well she can get her toys outta the drawer then
Cause I ain't comin' home
I don't need that attention, see
~Jason Mraz, Geek in the Pink

I pondered my penchant for humor and humorous men while I was out walking yesterday, having found myself grinning foolishly, as I often do, over Jason Mraz's tune, Geek in the Pink (great walkin' tune!). I've realized why it is that I tend to swerve sharply in that direction. I used to think I was just in it for the cheap entertainment. True dat, true dat, but wait, there's more... People with a well developed sense of humor run deep, because humor is the light that rages against the dark. Those people have seen the harshness in life, have stood in front of it, and have taken a piss on it. (Anyone who's been able to do that gets admiration points on the Barb-O-Meter.) They also have an innate sense of what will trigger various emotions and sensibilities in others (and the meter rises like a teen boy looking through a Victoria's Secret catalog). They tend to be self-confident and not care a whole lot about what others will think of their thought process (and the meter pulses and takes on a life of its own). Plus, really good humor, and the ability to use it, comes with inherent intelligence (and the meter blows out in an oh-my-god gush).

Hey baby look at me go
From zero to hero
You better take it from a geek like me
Well, I can save you from unoriginal dum-dums
Who wouldn't care if you com...
plete them or not

~Jason Mraz, Geek in the Pink

So, yeah... if this were a twelve-step program, I'd have no choice but to say, "Hi, I'm Barb. I'm a humor ho." But it's not, so I proudly don the figurative fishnets and go trollin' for guys who make me laugh until I can't breathe anymore. Trust me on this one - once I'm there, I'm a sure thing.


  1. Geesh Kemosabi, all I have to say is, "I gotta get out and walk more!!" And if I should run into a guy with a great sense of humor, and a tool belt, well he's a gonner!

  2. i am rollin in the isle(sp) on my island! you are right on! you have to know how to laugh at life to survive what life throws at you! keep on walkin and chucklin!!! those serotonin levels are over the top!

  3. Okay, an Orc walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder,
    the bartender goes where you get that?
    The parrot goes "Durator, there all over..."
    This of course only works if you've ever played World of Warcraft - it's one of the in-game jokes.
    That said I'm sure I have that effect on some people ;) meaning I can make 'em laugh until it hurts a bit.

  4. Tonto... crackin' up at the thought of you chasin' down some brick shithouse construction dude!

    Island Girl... serotonin's got nothin' to do with it... *w e g*

    Gopher... I'm sure if I were a WoW player, I'd be fallin' off my chair. But.. uh.. you'll have to try something a bit more pedestrian on me. Although it did kind of make me chuckle that you'd go for something totally off the wall... ok... 2 points to the Scot.


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