Friday, March 21, 2008

Runnin' on Empty

Caveat Lector: It's Friday and there's a full moon. I'm more than ready for both. Howwwwwl!

In my sleeplessness last night, I watched an old episode of NCIS and heard a fantastic bit of dialogue.

Abby: I used to be an anarchist.
Ducky: Really? Why'd you quit?
Abby: Too many rules...


So, okay... I think I need to give an idea some air. Some members of my family have planted the notion that I should attempt to do a marathon, or at least a half marathon with them in January. Well, they've more than planted it. The brats have actually been tilling, watering and doing druidic dances. And you thought I lacked the graces of subtlety? I'm downright reticent by comparison.

Homer said, "You only have to do a 16 minute mile!" Only. Funny lad, that one. When I mentioned his argurment to David (who ran the Boston Marathon twice), he said with a rather harsh laugh, "Yeah... 26 times. Consecutively!"

Me. A marathon. Even a half marathon. Me?! Yeah, I know. I'm trying not to laugh too. However, at the back of my head is a resonating, "Hmmm....." Fifty pounds lighter from now, I'd be able to run. Probably. I've never been a runner, but it's not a question of could I; it's a question of would I. Am I willing? In the face of the 3-Day 60 mile walk, I'm already looking beyond. I know I can do the 60 miles, no question about it. The "hmmm..." keeps getting louder.

Barbara Ann keeps saying, "Don't be a friggin' idiot! You can't do that!!"

The Gypsy responds, "Oh yeah? Watch me."

Oy vey... I hate when they do that... you know who always wins the argument.


  1. Good Title Barb, expresses exactly how I feel... I think, not sure maybe I am "Running on Empty"
    Good Luck with the 1/2 marathon thing

  2. Dude... nothin' wrong with the need to pull over into the breakdown lane now and again. Trust a friend to roll by and offer you a lift.

  3. Now that's very true, I've pulled over as well it's "over".


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