Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Sunday Scribble

Yipes! Where am I and what am I doing in this hand basket?! My good intentions seem to have paved a slick road today...

I had intended to get up early and get some things accomplished (cleaning, crafting, writing). I woke up at 5, in obeisance to my bladder, and once having paid respect, quickly crawled back into the warm womb of my bed and blankets. I didn't open my eyes again until a little after 8:30, whereupon I was invited to see an 11 a.m. viewing of
The Golden Compass

Excellent movie, that - full of wonderful imagery, and the finely crafted message that we are to stand by the power and courage of our convictions, to be free and critical thinkers, to overcome fear and preconceived notions, to honor commitment, and to stand tall regardless of what others may think of us. Guess you could say it spoke to me (*smile*). Nicole Kidman was merely so-so in her role, but that's how I feel about most of her roles. Daniel Craig was wonderful and I'd have liked to see much more of him (I'm told that's coming in the sequel). Sam Elliott, well... Sam... he's just such a delight to watch. I found myself grinning whenever he was on screen, as I usually do (damn his twinkly eyes, deep rumbling bass, and sly sideways smile). If I ever get the opportunity to meet the man, I'm just gonna hug him. Ignore the critics (what do those bat rastards know anyway?!) and go catch it on the big screen.

Then I came home, checked my 58 1/2 emails, responded to some. Yes, only some... How much viagra and cialis does a girl need anyway?! Why would I pay for a dating service - isn't that prostitution? And, I'm quite satisfied with the size of my boobs, thanks much.

Now here I am, finally cranking out my daily scribble, having accomplished little else. Oh well. It's been a good day either way.

I'm fascinated by the email response I've received to my last two posts. What began as an attempt to shake n' wake, has become quite an event. There's a real dichotomy in feedback (with the bulk of all of it coming from people who are proponents of Christianity, I'm happy to say), but thank all the gods, no fence-sitters. I've been lambasted as being venomous and hateful (I don't see that), blind and godless (neither applies). One person accused me of being a heretic (someone needs to look up the definition of heresy). Still another accused me of being a heathen. Okay, fair enough, by the very definition of heathen, I'll buy that. However, it was meant as a pejorative - how rude. Conversely, I've been applauded for my directness, openness, and strength of conviction. One person even expressed that they wish they could be so outspoken about their belief in Christ. Thanks everyone for writing and sharing your views. Truly, I do appreciate that, not only are you reading, but you're thinking as well. Rock on!

All of it brought to mind another lovely scene from Northern Exposure. Ruth Ann Miller and Joel Fleischman are having a conversation in which Ruth Ann explains that she's an atheist. Joel (a Jew) looks at her without speaking for a stunned moment, then stutters out, "I always admired atheists. I think it takes a lot of faith." Amen, Joel.

Is my gnostic approach to spirituality such a threat? Impossible. Am I attacking Christianity? No. No more than if you were to tell me that you love the color yellow, it's your absolute favorite color, and you want everything in your life to reflect that color, and then you go and paint the entire inside of your house red. You betchya, I'd call you on it. "Here is what you're saying, and this is what you're doing - what gives?"

All I'm asking... be real. If you believe it, be it.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

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