Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Make A Difference

Fast post because today is a busy day.

One of my favorite things to do is to reach out and make a difference, for the better, in a stranger's life.

It's even more wonderful when that stranger becomes a friend.

I love to make a difference, because I believe that it's what we're here for - to make a difference in each other's lives.

Who are you going to reach out to today?

What difference will you make?

Because when you make a difference in another's life, you make a difference in your own.


  1. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!!! And you are so right....

  2. I was just contacted through my blog by a woman with cancer. She was writing a flyer to get people to come to an event that will raise money to offset her medical expenses. She offered to pay me to create an emotional impact in her information. Of course, I was honored to do this for her free of charge. The piece just flowed from my hands and she was incredibly grateful. I felt so blessed to be able to help her this way. It makes my purpose on this earth clear.

    Thank you for asking and reminding us to make a difference, as you have in my life!

  3. *sigh* Barb, you are my emotional soul-mate.

    I'm so glad that you are you!


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