Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Busy B

I have a very busy next few weeks coming up. You'll pardon me if some of my posts are a little bit brief. Although there's no telling with me... I get off on a tangent and it's anybody's bet. As I looked at my growing To Do list I had a moment of panic. Followed by a moment of giddiness. Careful what you wish for, it will come your way - whether you're ready or not.

I'm facing a full, and I do mean full, month of making cards, plus I have an art piece to get done within the next couple of weeks, plus I have some necessary sewing. Somehow I need to fit writing and housework into all that. Three guesses which of those things will take a back burner. Plus, I need to reorganize my studio a bit because I'm getting rid of a piece of furniture.

I have an old dresser in my studio that I've been using as a combination of storage and cutting table. But it really doesn't work within the space. I need to get rid of it. I've dreaded that decision as it really is a beautiful old dresser with cedar lined drawers. And it was given to me for free. But, it's just a thing and sometimes things need to get gone.

Evolution is necessary for anything that wants to grow.

Weed a garden and suddenly plants that were having to share sunlight and nutrients seem to jump right out of the ground. So it is with anything in our lives. We have to create space for the light to get through. We have to give a thing adequate nourishment. Yes, it would likely grow anyway, but not at a very fast rate, and not at a rate that would spur real production.

So, I need to get busy. I need to weed out and push everything else toward growth.

In the meantime, you could make it a little easier for me. You could go to the "Challenge Me" tab on my blog and leave a suggestion of something for me to write about. A lot of the time, the most difficult part of writing a daily post is coming up with a topic. So, a little help from my friends, please? Thank you.

Now, where did I leave that mug o' bean....

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  1. You make everything, and I mean everything, sound beautiful.

    "We have to create space to let the light to get through."

    I will hold that line close in my years ahead of making space in my life to pursue my passions.

    Thank you and good luck...you are sure to amaze.


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