Monday, May 23, 2011

Break It Down

Y'know what? I'm taking a day off from this writing gig.

I'm taking some time away from spewing my every thought and wondering (worrying) where and how it's going to land.

I'm taking a break from diving into the deep end of the pool and hoping I have enough air for the journey back.

I'm adjourning from the need to metaphysically holler out to fellow crashers n' survivors.

I know writing is good therapy. I know getting the soul gunk out is necessary.

But I need a sabbatical from this blog.

I need big canvases and lots of paint. Really big canvases.

What I really need is the company of friends, of which I have very few who are available, and even fewer who I feel I can really talk to, open up to. I need to get out and have coffee and conversation. Even though I feel I have nothing to say.

What I really really need is to quit feeling like I need to be so strong all-the-fucking-time. And I'm well aware that the only person who makes me feel that way is me.

So, I'm stepping away for a day, going on hiatus until Wednesday. I have work to do.

Sometime when a thing is broken, the best thing you can do is take a break.


  1. Good for you. Sending you some cyber hugs & wishing you well.

  2. Take a break, eat some snacks, drink some coffee, that's what we always do. And maybe add a little Baileys to that coffee while you're at it...

  3. Having a blog is a lot of pressure sometimes, even when you aren't under pressure to begin with. I take one or two days and write all my posts for the whole week, and then schedule them to come out. Then I signed up with networkedblogs on FB and it gives you this thing that, aside from getting you exposure, will put your posts up on FB and twitter for you. It takes about an hour after you post them, but it works. So if I choose to have a whole day away from teh computer.... or more, I can!

  4. I feel you, Barb! If only we could meet for a cup of coffee and some real honest conversation. I know I would walk away a new woman!

    Enjoy your time off! I know there will be something awesome when you come back!

  5. I'd love to come knock at your back door and get invited in for a nice cup of Joe. I'd bring a goodie. Talk and maybe get a first hand tour of that house Steve built out on Puget Sound. Enjoy your day off, friend. Take all the time you need.

  6. I totally understand where you are coming from....heck, I was gone from the computer for most of the day and it felt great - other than my compulsive need to sit here and read every. single. blog. update. tonight.

    Enjoy your time away!!! We'll be here when you get back!

  7. I'm fine... I'm fine... :-)

    But y'all are more than welcome to stop by for a cuppa bean!


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