Saturday, August 27, 2016

The End of the Beginning

This is for those of you die-hards who might still stop by here on occasion. Perhaps you've wondered if I gave up writing, was being held prisoner in some dark cave, or slipped loose of this mortal coil. None of those apply.

The truth is, life got busy. I spent a lot of time doing... stuff. And, consequently, ignoring this blog.

A couple of months ago, I emerged with a gnawing hunger to write a blog post again. But, this space no longer felt right. It was too filled with ghosts. The energy with which it began (largely a grieving process and even more, a growing process) is no longer part of my writing fuel. So, I started a new blog.

It feels right. Even the name change feels right. I've gone from wandering gypsy to cranky oracle (as I was once dubbed so by a dear friend). So, please join me at my new blog, The Cranky Oracle. It's still mostly my own musings about life, with a short story thrown in here and there whenever I'm so inspired. No great change there. The biggest change is that, no longer a drifter in this life, I feel I've found a place in the vastness. At least for now.

To those who have been loyal to following this blog, I thank you very kindly and I look forward to seeing  you at the new digs. Writing can be a lonely thing, so hearing you occasionally cough, or shift in your chairs, or take a sip of whatever has let me know that although I write alone, I never am alone.

Thank you again, and see you across the coffee mug,