Saturday, January 8, 2011

Small Stones: Day Eight

I have committed to participating in the National Month of Small Stones (read about it at A River of Stones, here). This will be a real challenge for me. Rather than my usual lengthy missives, I will be reigning in my writing muses and only writing a tiny nugget to capture what I've observed. The key is being open and aware, and noting the moment when it comes. For those of you who will miss my usual rambling, I'll be including a link to favorite "oldies" that I've written -just click on the red oldie title and the link will take you there.

Today's Small Stone...

You say I hide in humor.
I say I thrive because of it.
Laughter is my dance, and
by the way, these are my shoes.
Not yours.

Favorite Oldie...

The Court Jester Wins


  1. Laughter is what makes us human. I love your shoes and your stones too, just so long as the one doesn't get inside the other - that could cause a limp!

  2. Love it! If ppl don't like the shoes, may I recommend the pointy ones for a swift kick?

  3. This one just makes me smile...


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