Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's All Good

"... I find the best things I do, I do when I'm trying to avoid doing something else I'm supposed to be doing. You know, you're working on something. You get bugged, or you lose your enthusiasm or something. So you turn to something else with an absolute vengeance."
~Norton Juster

I'm taking the day off from deep philosophical rumblings. Well, maybe. I thought I would, instead, list five good things that have happened to me this week. There are more, but five is sufficient, I think. Two of them happened just this morning.

First, Steve surprised me by taking today off after a very long week of early mornings and hard work. He needs and deserves it! We slept in (after a week of getting up at 5-ish), snuggled (after a week of jumping out of bed and getting on task), and he even made me french toast with strawberries, plus a ham and cheese omelet for breakfast. I'm so spoiled. Now he's relaxing and watching car races while I write this. Perfect day. That's one very good thing.

Also today, I've been written up in a post at The Dreaming Cafe (here), in a featured reader profile. How flattering! Thanks, Sandy!!! So, there's another good thing.

The other day I went to Ben Franklin's in search of a couple of specific rubber stamps for some projects. Not only did I not find what I wanted, but nothing else jumped out at me either! (Not a good thing.) I finally had a tiny budget to work with and get something new and fun, all to no avail. Ahhhh, but not entirely! I ended up buying some water color paper. When I paint, I've been making do with pretty much any paper I get my hands on, so this... this real paper... is luxury! I can go wild and not be concerned about tearing or overly stressing the paper! This, too, is a good thing.

Summer produce is back. We've been eating juicy nectarines, melons, and sweeter-than-candy cherries, not to mention some good fresh vegetables. Not only are they tasty, but it feels so good - so nice to be able to reach for a snack that's natural and light. Flavors are bright and fresh. Food doesn't land and hang around like an anvil in your gut. I love the perfume-y scent of good produce. It always takes me back to my early days working at the produce store in Grand Rapids. Fresh, healthy food... it's a darned good thing.

Finally, I've had the great pleasure communicating with some true kindred spirits of late. There is something so completely gratifying about sharing a thought or a feeling, and having someone, not only get it, but lob it right back. I'm really blessed with some wonderful friendships. Regarding friendship, I've often heard the term, "Water seeks its own level." True enough, true enough. But I think that sometimes the water has to travel a great distance before it finds its level. (Okay, so I am not capable of a post without some kind of armchair philosophy ... mea maxima culpa ... deal with it.) And, when you dam up your feelings and send them down alternate avenues, everything gets confused. What it comes down to is this: the more I open up, the more I get back... and the water is fine. This, then, is not only a good thing, it is the best thing.

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