Sunday, January 24, 2010


The other evening I fell into a three (yes, 3) hour phone conversation with a long lost friend. We haven't seen each other in probably 40 years, and even then, I don't recall ever having exchanged words with her. But, she remembers me and remembers skating in our backyard with a mutual acquaintance. We recently connected on Facebook and pretty much started a mutual admiration society. She's one of those people to stumble across my path that makes me think, "Where was she when I needed an imaginary friend?!" We share somewhat similar stories and her wicked sense of humor is, simply, killer. Aside from the fact that our conversation centered around the past 40 years of my life, we talked as though we've been talking for the last 40 years. It was refreshing, filled with laughter and an altogether lovely evening (thank all the gods for unlimited minutes!).

As we chatted and she pulled information out of me, it occurred to me again... I've had a wonderful and wonderfully rich life. I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Sure, I would have gladly handed over my life in exchange for allowing some of those whom I've lost to continue living, but it seems I'm to stick around for the time being. It doesn't matter that I don't know the reason. What matters is that I strive to do something (of quality) with that time. I've never felt special for experiencing the things I've experienced, but my friend's reactions made me realize that I'm really glad I had all of them, and that I was open to doing many of the things I've done. I don't see my life has been adventurous, but evidently, in many ways, it has been. 

The second thing that struck me all over again is that we just never know who is going to stumble across our path(s) or when. Some will grace our lives, some will leave nothing but muddy boot tracks. Some both. Either way, it's in our best interest to treat others kindly and with respect (unless, of course, they prove otherwise deserving) because we just never know. 

Finally... nothing happens, and nothing is worthwhile without a sense of humor. I'm not beating a dead horse here. It's just got to be.

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