Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year, New Paradigm

He's sort of an old-fashion guy... a throwback (but definitely not a throw-away) to kinder times. He opens the door for me - in fact, I get The Look if I forget and open it myself. He's caring and considerate. He calls women Hun and Sweetheart even when he barely knows them, and calls men Buddy. He likes to laugh. He can read technical manuals and understand them! He works hard and feels good about it when he does. He's not afraid to call out anyone on their shit. He's not afraid to show his sentimental side, but he does it without being gushy or pretentious. He gets excited about snow and sunsets and stars and natural beauty. He's a manly man who knows how to be tender.

He's not perfect. But he's perfect for me. And being wrapped in his love is a beautiful thing.

No, this isn't just another "Why Barb Is Smitten With Steve" post. Well, not entirely.

Do we really appreciate the people in our lives? Do we take time out to think about the people we care for (and who care for us) and understand why they're the right people in our lives? I could easily make a list of people in my inner circle and tell you just why I've placed them there. I could also tell you that every one of them has landed there without pretense. They're there not so much because of a 'why', but because of who they are, because of the incredible beauty they lend to my life.

I'm declaring a new paradigm. It's the Wayward Gypsy's Don't Take Friends For Granted Campaign. Take time out of your day (and I challenge you to do it every day this month) to let someone in your inner circle know that you appreciate them for who they are and because they're part of your life. Let them know how they've changed your world. Hey... why not. We could all use a boost, huh?


  1. Amen! Let them know..."any friend" you care for! Because "what a difference a day makes" I still have more things to say to Allan and now I can't "say them" only think them. I am so happy for you! hugs

  2. I hear ya, Igs! There are a whole lot of not-here people that I'm not done talking to yet.

    Stay on this planet for a while, will ya? You're one of my favorites!

  3. Well, thank YOU for your friendship Barbara. You are a good person with beaucoup talent, a great sense of humor, and a kind (ered)spirit. I love ya.


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